Friday, May 22, 2009

Two birthdays, two haircuts, and a broken arm

Last Sunday was rather busy for us, with two birthdays, two haircuts and a broken arm. May 17th was Dreamer's 5th birthday, and we ended up having two "parties" for her, one with a bunch of her friends from church and the neighborhood, and a second one later with Grandma and Grandpa. Dreamer kept exclaiming, "I have two birthdays!"

Here is a shot of her taking a swing at her pinata:

Right in between Dreamer's two parties, Starlet decided to climb up on a stool to see if she could reach the balloons that I had tied from a light fixture on the ceiling (she's a climber by nature). She fell and broke her arm! - actually she broke the small bone in her arm, and bent the larger bone, so that there was quite a noticeable bow to her arm. Daddy took her to the emergency room while we finished up singing Happy Birthday to Dreamer again and let her blow out her candles on her second cake. After another round of presents was opened, I headed off to check on Starlet at the hospital while Mom kindly offered to stay with the other three girls.

B. said there was a long wait in the emergency room, but Gracie wasn't put off by her misadventure at all. She found a box full of toys and got busy playing, hardly favoring her arm at all. I got there just after x-rays and got to hold her while they put her in a splint and the very smallest-sized sling available. Gracie was fascinated by the nurse, or more specifically, she was fascinated by the nurse's freckles. I have never heard the term "fairy poop" for freckles before, but that was just funny enough I had to mention it. Also, the nurse said, with a good-natured smile, that her family used to accuse her of kissing boys through rusty screen doors. I didn't realize there were so many creative ways you could get freckles!

Here is a picture of Starlet in her new, neon pink cast (it's already got a few signatures), and the twins' new hair cuts.

This was the first hair cut for both Serious and Starlet and they both sat through the procedure quite well (this was before Starlet's broken arm). Of course I have to post before and after pictures. These "before pictures" were taken at a short trip we took to Steamboat Springs, CO, with Fish Creek Falls in the background.
Here's a picture that shows just how long Starlet's hair was before it was cut (Blaze and Starlet playing dress-up and dancing).

This one doesn't show their hair very well but it was just too cute not to share:

Another one I just had to share: Blaze and Dreamer posing beside a funny planter outside a store in Steamboat Springs.

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