Monday, July 16, 2007

The details and quirks of everyday life

Last updated May, 2009

One of the traits of a writer is that no matter where they go or what they do, they are almost obssessively writing things down. I've had one friend shake her head at me, in amusement, or frustration? - and say to me, "stop writing everything I say down!" (Sorry, K.A.)

Sometimes what somebody just said sparks an idea; sometimes it's completely unrelated but I just had a great idea for a new story, or a way to develop a character, or enhance a setting, or a funny event I might be able to work into a scene that needs a little bit of a humorous facelift.

But a lot of times I jot things down just because I want to remember them. "Life is in the details" - forgot who that famous quote is attributed to; but I love all the beautiful, funny, quirky, bizarre things that life throws at me, and I love digging out my old notes, or scanning my journals every few years or so and laughing at the memories.

Recently I discovered a new note posted on the office door of one of the many, many offices I walk by everyday in my work building, on the way to my own office. I love it when people put cartoons or pictures or other fun stuff up on their office doors. This one said:

Don't make me get my flying monkeys!

This has amused me for weeks, everytime I walk by it. I even borrowed it once as a status update on my Facebook page.

I love reading Beth Moore's blog because she gets the same kick out of little moments that I do. For instance, here's a couple recent gems from her:

I dig airports. Great people watching. I've been sipping on my Starbucks and taking it all in. I just love watching people walk through the terminals with their neck pillows still on. It brings me a ton of joy.

To this day, Travis Cottrell still brings up the fact that I made him help me stuff a piƱata with Scripture verses written on little pieces of paper while we were driving from the church to the restaurant. I didn’t even realize it was weird until our next speaking engagement when he laughed until he cried and had to hold his side.

A few more examples...

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