Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are there toys (and horses) in heaven?

I guess I am just in a blogging mood today. When I picked up my four-year-old, Carey, from preschool today, she got me with this question, "Are there toys in heaven?"

This reminded me of a little ditty that my father used to sing: "There is no beer in heaven, so I'll have to drink it all while I'm here."

Fortunately I have this book called 101 Questions Children Ask About God, and this was one of the questions (apparently Carey isn't the first to be worried about not having her toys in heaven).

"We like toys because we have so much fun with them. But we can get tired of toys, too. You don't play with your baby toys any more. That's because you outgrew them and got tired of them. God will have just the right kind of toys for you in heaven."

Ah, I like that answer. It is exciting to think about the things we love here on earth, and then think about just how more wonderful everything in heaven will be, when we've outgrown all our "baby toys." Personally, I've always hoped when I get to heaven that God will give me a perfectly trained horse (or help me train one perfectly) so I can ride Grand Prix level dressage (the very highest, most complex, and most beautiful level). But just think, in heaven, there will a level even higher than Grand Prix. We just can't even begin to imagine what toys there will be in heaven.

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