Friday, May 24, 2013

Eight "B"eautiful things I've learned

Our church hosted a prayer conference/ladies' retreat at the Snowy Range Lodge, and I'm finally getting to type up some of the beautiful things I learned there.

My pastor's wife, Kristi M.,  whom I've known 18 years now, sometimes shares things that are completely new to me. She talked various fears she's faced in her life, from childhood  onward, based on one of her favorite verses, Psalm 34:4 "I sought the Lord and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears." This is also one of my most beloved verses, as I found this verse 14 years ago, after directly after sharing my anxieties with God about marrying a divorced man and becoming a stepmom, and asked for confirmation that it was His will I should marry B. 

Another thing she shared that really struck me is that when she got saved at age 14, she would sit outside her parents' door at night while they were sleeping and pray for their salvation. She prayed for 17 years for her father's salvation. "He compels us to pray even when we're hopeless."  Her father did trust God and surprised her with a a visit one day, and prayed over her. Of course this gives me hope regarding my own parents. This November 2013 will mark 20 years since God revealed himself to me and  I trusted Jesus as my Savior, and 20 years I have been praying for my parents to come to know Him too.

Another lady from church who I know a little from Bible study together (Claire) shared with us, and she was such a dynamic and humble speaker, I just loved discovering this new side of her, not to mention what she shared:  Eight B's:

1.  When we take "B"aby steps toward God, God will leap toward us

2. God goes "B"eyond and above what we expect

3. He takes the "B"ad and turns it to good

4. He goes "B"eyond our belief:  He is faithful even when we doubt

5. He "B"lesses obedience

6.  He "B"lesses through perservence

7. God grows our faith "B"igger

8. We need the "B"ody of Christ


  1. Sounds like it was a really good conference and gave you lots of good things to "think about and grow on". Those are the best kind, aren't they? Blessings to you.

  2. loved this!! my husband and I are participating in Billy Graham's MY HOPE campaign and are praying that his parents will be receptive to the salvation message when we present them with the DVD of Billy's last sermon (to be aired Nov 7 in case you didn't know). we are very excited about sharing our testimonies as we have been cautious about doing so but believe the time is ripe and right now. we will be doing this at thanksgiving when we see them.