Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Last week Beth Moore posted a blog which was just a little bit about writing and a lot about other fun stuff. I don't have enough time to read blogs on a regular basis - but I keep up with Beth's pretty often. You never know what you'll find there.

Here's what she had to say about writing:

Writing is not for the fainthearted or those with a strong affinity for instant gratification. Or, come to think of it, for those who can't take criticism. It is a hard profession that you only want to take up if you absolutely can't keep from writing to save your life. That reminds me, I read the coolest book recently by Jerry Jenkins called Writing for the Soul and it's penned specifically to writers OR to those who think there might be a writer deep inside somewhere. If that's you, you ought to think about grabbing a copy. I think you'd be so blessed. I read constantly but I can't say I've ever read anything specifically on writing before. I enjoyed it like crazy.

If you really want to write, you might think of tracking down some cactus and pulling up a lawn chair next to it. But not too close in case you doze off. (LittleWomen21 inserts a happy chuckle here) A simple landscape is sometimes best of all. Our little piece of Texas is a great place to write because it's out in the middle of absolutely nowhere...

Comment from the passenger seat: I can't write outside! Even if I were absolutely in the middle of nowhere (and that's not hard to find in Wyoming!), it's too bright outside to see my laptop screen clearly enough!

One of my favorite places to write is coffee shops. That's where I go when I have writer's block. It always helps. But usually I write at home, at the dining room table, or curled up on the sofa with my laptop on a pillow on my lap and a cup of tea close by. I always know I'm making good writing progress when my tea gets cold before I finish it.

Having a famous Christian lady like Beth Moore even just MENTION writing resulted in almost 100 comments about writing from other readers (including me), and I finally got the time to read through the comments, sure that I would find some other Christian writers. And yup, I found a few, including another lady who also is a mom of young children trying to find time to write. Not to mention finding other writing blogs, I also found a bunch of good writing resources. I am including them all here just so I can come back to this post for helpful links.

However, a word of warning (to myself) - "she that spends much time reading about writing will not accomplish much writing." My progress the last few days has slacked off. I haven't even had a chance to incorporate a wonderful new idea I got during one of early morning walks. Idea keywords: Wings and Trees. When the idea popped into my head I was so giddy I nearly started skipping. The fact that it arrived as I was in the midst of my prayers (I try to pray as I walk, at least part of the time), was certainly a little gift from God, right? Not just a distraction. I hope. (when in doubt, just add that to your prayers)

A few other Christian writer's blogs:

And entirely off the subject of writing, discovered this website for evaluating your spiritual gifts,
I'm posting it here too because I don't have time to take the test right now but I want to remember to take it soon!

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