Tuesday, January 6, 2009

dancing and dreams

I signed up for the 2009 Scripture memory challenge at Beth Moore's blog. My first verse to memorize: Galations 2:20. Okay I am writing it now by memory: I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body (check) I live by faith in the Son of God, (check) who loved me and gave Himself for me.

We are back in Laramie after a lovely week in Kansas preparing for and then celebrating my niece's wedding. The highlight of the wedding, for me: my little Starlet "dancing" with the groom.

When the bride and groom were having their first dance together, the wins both trotted out onto the dance floor with them. While Serious started dancing solo, toddler-style, Starlet went straight to the groom and tugged on his pants until he picked her up!

My stepdaughter really wanted to read my rough draft of my 2nd novel while she was here visiting for Christmas. I warned her it was REALLY rough - I haven't even spell-checked it yet! - but she blazed through the 160 pages and said she really liked it. She really got into my two main female characters and asked if she could assign them fashions, and cars (Kell gets a Lincoln Navigator; Rowen gets a BMW). It was very satisfying for me that she really liked my book - even a half-finished rough draft - but it was also exciting for me that she was reading my first Christian novel. It is full of Scriptures and my characters' ups and downs with their Christian walk. I even had Rowen and Pete share their testimonies with each other in one scene.

I had also had an interesting conversation about dreams with my stepdaughter. We both seem to recall our nightmares better than good dreams, though I have had several wonderful dreams that I call my "heaven dreams" because I believe I was dreaming of heaven (or at least, completely beautiful, otherworldly places; rainbows are something I usually see in these heaven dreams). As I was reflecting on the good dreams vs. the nightmares, I realized that all my nightmares occur within houses, whereas all my good dreams occur in natural settings, usually with water (and rainbows). There are websites that offer suggestions for dream interpretations - for instance "Dreams relating to a house often refers to various aspects of the Self. When trying to analyze the house in your dream, consider also how the house is kept and the condition of it. The rooms in the house relates to facets of your personality" - which makes me wonder if when I dream about aspects of myself, it turns into a nightmare, but when I am dreaming about aspects of God (my heaven dreams) the dreams are heavenly beautiful...

My most favorite dream (after my rare heaven dreams) is a semi-awake dream, not a day-dream but what is a called a lucid dream (wikipedia). All of my story ideas have come from lucid dreams, and are often developed a later points through more lucid dreaming. On the long drive to Kansas, I had a lucid dream about a brand new story idea. I'm still searching for a name for it...right now in my notes I am calling it "Reading in Love" (a take on "Falling in Love") because it is a story of a love between two people that grows from reading a book... not altogether an original idea, I know, but it's my twist on the idea.

So, thanks to "Reading in Love" - my writing progress last week was 1262 words.

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