Tuesday, February 5, 2008

if only all birthdays were like this one!

So far this is starting up to be an awesome birthday. Yesterday I got a present in the mail from K.A. - somehow she managed to get me a SIGNED copy of "Diapers, Pacifers and Other Holy Things" (this is the BEST book for any mom with toddlers and preschoolers!) - not only was it a signed book, but the author actually signed it personally for me with my name. (only other signed book I've ever got was from an Elizabeth Berg novel that MAC got for me).

Then first thing this morning when I slouched down to the kitchen in dire need of caffeine, I find a birthday card my stepdaughter left for me (poor thing, she has to leave for her bus before the rest of us are up!) She had made it herself out of her scrapbooking pages and called it "A trip down memory lane," with a special memory from each year she has known me, all the way back to four years old.

Later when daughter 1 and daughter 2 got up they each had cards for me, too (big Sis had helped them make them). And Blaze had made me a "book" - a bunch of pictures she drew for me, pictures of our house, all of us sitting at a table with a birthday cake, etc. I'm going to get it scanned and add it to my screen savers/wallpaper. Daughter 3 and daughter 4 didn't have anything special for me when they woke up, except lots of smiles, and no smelly diapers, FOR ONCE.

Then on the way to work today KLOVE played five great songs right in row. Heard Todd Agnew's "My Jesus" for the frist time this morning - it gives me shivers! Then Made To Love (Toby Mac), God With Us (MercyMe), You Carried Me (Building 429), Nothing Compares (Third Day)... I wanted to hang out in my car a moment longer to see if they'd play Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone (Chris Tomlin) that would have made it the ultimate set- but as it was, my heart was singing praises to our AWESOME GOD!

Then when I checked my email this morning, MAC had left me a virtual sparkly birthday cake on MySpace. Love you, MAC!

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